"The Assurity Team are professionals with whom a handshake still means something."

- Leo Ledohowski, President & CEO of Canad Inns


Assurity’s staff offers over 60 years of combined experience in providing quality financial services to growing businesses in the upper Midwest. From objectively analyzing financial performance to structuring, sourcing and funding loan accommodations, our key objective is to provide REAL value. Our success is directly dependent upon our ability to provide optimum financing solutions to our clients.

Assurity provides the following:

Independent, Objective Analysis

Our professional staff will complete an independent, objective financial assessment of the business, project or proposed expansion. This analysis is used to obtain and structure the resulting financing accommodation. The resulting report is shared directly with the client (bank underwriting reports are normally not provided to borrower/customer). Assurity will provide additional financial consulting services on a case-by-case basis.

Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Brokerage

Commercial mortgages are sourced out to local, regional (out-of-market) banking institutions, larger national institutions and non-traditional investment markets. Variable and fixed rate options (3, 5 and 10 year locks) available. Interim construction financing accommodations are also available.

Equipment Term Loans

Equipment term loans will generally be provided as part of a complete package (i.e. for clients looking to source an operating line of credit). Properly structuring debt may call for expanded capital asset/equipment term debt, especially when working capital replenishment is required. Accommodations will be structured based upon the needs of the client, collateral values and useful life of assets financed. When applicable, a CAPEX Revolving Term Loan may be established to fund future reoccurring capital asset purchases. These loans not only ensure proper credit structure when funding fixed asset purchases, but give the opportunity to fix interest rates per CAPEX advances via a conditionally pre-approved credit facility.

Equipment Leasing

Leasing occasionally provides the best option for fixed-rate term financing. Leases are sourced through institutions specializing in this activity. Interest rate market and tax considerations often dictate when a leasing option is in the client’s best interest. We do not provide tax advice; however, our professionals can assist with leasing decisions.

Business Operating Lines

Operating lines are provided to fund inventory, accounts receivable, seasonal expenses and other general operating expenses. Lines will generally be established and managed per standard borrowing base formulas. Extended commitments are available depending upon the client’s risk profile (2-3 year maturities).

Mezzanine/Subordinate Financing

Assurity additionally specializes in underwriting and sourcing Subordinate or Mezzanine Financing accommodations for clients seeking funding for projects that don’t fit in a traditional bank environment. In these cases, Assurity underwrites, structures, and sources specialty accommodations which usually include higher market interest rates and other requirements (e.g. ownership, profit sharing, etc.). These financing accommodations are ideal for new or expanding businesses lacking equity capital to access traditional bank financing.